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Cheer Squads

Stars & Sparklers

Here at Beamers, we have two Cheerleading squads. Each team is striving to have girls with great attitudes, a willingness to learn, and the potential to grow and be a productive squad member.

Stars: Youth Level 1 Novice

Athletes on this team are within the ages 6-11 years old. They have the potential and drive to excel in cheerleading at its beginner level. We coach and teach these girls to stunt, tumble, and perform in a 1 minute & 30 second routine. Stars will perform locally and travel one time to a competition to compete as a Novice squad.

Sparklers: Junior Level 2.2 Prep

Athletes on this team are within the age range of 7-15 years old. They have the proper skills and technique we require for a competitive squad as well as a high level of dedication to better tumbling and stunting skills. This squad performs a 2 minute and 15 second routine combined with stunts, pyramids, jumps, and tumbling. Sparklers travels to 3-4 competitions, and performs locally. 

Stars Coaches: Shelbi Hamlett,| Abbey Clouse, Cassidy Foster & Madi Simpson

Sparklers Coaches: Shelbi Hamlett,  Abbey Clouse, Cassidy Foster, & Meg Goff

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