What Others Say

“My son started at Beamers when he was 2 1/2 years old. He is now 5 and he has truly enjoyed his lessons. He looks forward to class every week. Dominique and her staff are outstanding. We love EVERYTHING about Beamers!!!” 

Laura Roman

“My name is Amber Massey and I am the owner of a Family Child Care business serving children from 2 years to 5 years.  It’s very important for me that my kids get the best opportunities for growth in all areas of development.  Beamer’s gymnastics is part of our weekly curriculum, and my kids are more confident because of it!  The children excel in gross motor activities, spatial awareness, and balance.  This is in addition to learning critical social skills that they will need later for school.  (Sitting and following instruction, taking turns and cheering on others accomplishments.)  We LOVE the instructors and the low ratio classes.  Beamer’s is an awesome program and we highly recommend it!” 

Amber Massey

“We have been with Beamers now for three years. What I love about their classes is the small teacher/student ratio and that they get a lot of one on one training. Dominique knows just how to bring out the best in each of her athletes. I love the positive environment but appreciate their commitment to discipline and nurturing our children.  My son has now started classes as well and I love seeing his improved coordination and sense of accomplishment after each class. I couldn’t recommend a better place for kids to learn gymnastics.”

Laura Bennett

“I could not be more pleased with the skill and integrity of the owner and coaches at Beamers Gymnastics. They are not only incredibly skilled at what they do, but they are also totally devoted to the overall well-being of the gymnasts. My daughters, ages fifteen, nine, and six have all been attending Beamers for three years. They have been in completive cheer, tumbling, and gymnastics. They have excelled in their abilities and techniques. This has given them confidence to further them in their performance in and outside the gym. Thank you for making Beamers a great place for my daughters to follow their passion for gymnastics.” 

Tammie Moore

“Our girls have been taking gymnastics classes since they were toddlers. For our oldest, that’s been nine years. They have been at Beamers for two years now. We know what the other gyms in Abilene have to offer and know they can’t compete with what our girls get at Beamers. The knowledgeable coaches at Beamers care about each gymnast’s progress in and out of the gym. The intensity at Beamers is unmatched, but our girls don’t see it as work; it’s all fun. We wouldn’t consider another gym.” 

Roger Chapman

“Beamers has been such an important part of my daughter’s life!  Since she was seven years old, she’s been involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and competitive cheer squads.  Now 15 and a high school cheerleader and gymnast, she still takes private lessons to help sharpen her skills.  While we have appreciated the high level of training and expertise provided by every single instructor, we are even more grateful for the environment that values and promotes strong character development every bit as much as physical excellence.  It’s a wonderful place, all the way around!”

Dana Pearson

“Beamers Gymnastics has provided my son and two daughters with outstanding gymnastics and cheer training for the past nine years.  The well-trained, professional coaches at Beamers have encouraged and motivated our children to achieve their athletic goals in the gym, and the personal, positive relationships that have developed along the way have helped them to be confident, determined individuals outside of the gym as well.  I know that the values and expectations we have for our family are shared by the coaches and staff at Beamers, making us confident that we’ve made the best choice in Beamers Gymnastics!”

Tracy Pettijohn

“Katie joined Beamers in the spring of 2008. Beamers promised conditioning, proper skills and camaraderie amongst their teams. Dominique and her team certainly did not fail in delivering their promise. Our daughter, Katie, has flourished under their direction. 

A parent can encourage their child to try a sport, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the child to decide if they like the sport. We have to admit, Katie was a little reluctant in the beginning. For Katie, as an outsider looking in, the gym wasn’t familiar to her, and therefore, she was a little uncomfortable. That didn’t last long…

Dominique, as well as the manager of the gym, Traci, train on conditioning and proper formation. With that said, they don’t discount the importance of team building. Beamer’s works hard to ensure every athlete is engaged with one another…How? By working hard to ensure the parents are involved with the camaraderie of the team dynamics. 

From swim parties, to cookouts, to working at Sonic to pay for their uniforms – the girls get the full experience. It doesn’t end there….

Katie looks forward to every practice, yes, it’s a workout, but if you walk in to any practice, you will see the drive in their faces…the high fives…the team spirit, the camaraderie…as a parent, you might just get to know other great parents, just as we did…

Go Beamers!” 

The Nussbaum Family